Welcome to Virtual Brain Camp for Kids!

Sunday, November 5th
3:30–5:30 PM ET

Join us for a 2-hour session with fun and interactive activities focused on learning and building social skills. Kids Camp is offered to all children with or without hydrocephalus between the ages of 3 and 11 years old.

Siblings are welcome!

Lakisha Harris
Kids Camp Leader

Lakisha currently works as the Support Programs Manager at the Hydrocephalus Association. By profession, she is a certified Health Education Specialist and has worked many years on kids health programming. She is passionate about educating, empowering, and resource connection to ensure that individuals and families impacted by hydrocephalus have the ability to live an overall good quality of life.

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Pam Finlayson
Kids Camp Leader

Pam Finlayson has been involved in the hydrocephalus community for over 30 years, since her daughter Kate acquired the condition as a premature infant. During Kate's lifetime Pam became familiar with the wide-ranging challenges and struggles which face hydrocephalus patients and their families--from ever-changing medical, developmental, physical, and educational needs to the difficulty of finding appropriate information, treatment and support over the course of a patient's life. A former teacher, Pam enjoys volunteering her time as a mentor to high school students in underserved communities, working for the Red Cross, and teaching adaptive skiing to a diverse population of children and adults in New Hampshire. She could not be more excited to meet, learn with, and grow alongside the amazing children attending Kids Camp during our virtual Conference!

Schedule of Activities

Activities and times are tentative and subject to change.

Please check back often as we are adding details and new information.

  • 3:30–3:50 PM ET

    Welcome and Let's Talk Hydrocephalus 
    Warm welcome to our kids as well as a fun and interactive discussion on the question, what is hydrocephalus?
    Age group: 3–6 and 7–11

  • 3:50–4:10 PM ET

    A Hydrocephalus Tale
    Explore life with hydrocephalus as we read Abilities in Me- Hydrocephalus.
    Age group: 3–6 and 7–11

  • 4:10–5:00 PM ET

    Brain Games, Learning & Fun 
    Science-based activities and games designed to increase understanding of hydrocephalus. Times will vary per activity.
    Age group: 3–5

  • 4:15–5:00 PM ET

    Make Our Voices Heard
    Songwriting session led by the incredible Hear Your Song organization empowering kids living with chronic conditions through music. 45-minute session.
    Age group: 6–11

  • 5:05–5:25 PM ET

    Hydrocephalus Research & You!
    Join Dr. Carolyn Harris as she takes us on a tour of her research lab!
    Age group: 3-6 and 7–11.

  • 5:25–5:30 PM ET

    Farewell Fun! Hats On!
    We hate to say “Goodbye” so let’s put our hats on and say “See You Next Time”!

Books and Videos About Your Brain!

Kids Camp 2022 in Austin, TX

Questions? Please contact conference@hydroassoc.org