Meet our 2024 Inspirational Keynote Speaker

Dr. Myron Rolle

Myron Rolle, MD, MSc 

Inspirational Keynote Speaker
Fellow at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital in St. Petersburg, FL
MLR Foundation Chair
Rhodes Scholar
Former NFL and FSU Football Athlete

Dr. Myron L. Rolle: From NFL Safety to Neurosurgeon

Dr. Myron L. Rolle is a pediatric neurosurgical Fellow at All Children's Hospital and a former NFL Safety with the Pittsburgh Steelers, who has made a remarkable transition from professional sports to medicine. His journey began at Florida State University (FSU), where he excelled academically and athletically, earning a bachelor's degree in Exercise Science and All-American honors as a safety. In 2008, he became the first FSU football player to be awarded the prestigious Rhodes Scholarship, earning an MSc in Medical Anthropology from Oxford University in England.

At FSU, Dr. Rolle’s outstanding performance garnered  him Associated Press 3rd team All-American honors and Football Writers Association of America 2nd team All-ACC in 2008.He was drafted by the Tennessee Titans in the 2010 NFL Draft and later played for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Despite his promising football career, Dr. Rolle felt a stronger calling towards medicine, leading him to leave the NFL in 2013 to pursue a medical degree. He enrolled at FSU College of Medicine, graduating in 2017.

Dr. Rolle’s transition from football to medicine was fueled by the same determination, discipline, and passion that defined his sports career.  His commitment to excellence earned him a neurosurgery residency at the prestigious Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Rolle served on the front lines in the emergency room, demonstrating his dedication to healthcare. He leads the Myron L. Rolle Foundation which supports global health, wellness, and educational initiatives, serves on the Knight Commission on Athletics and the Clinton Global Initiative, and co-created the Emerging Scholars Project for underrepresented college students applying for Rhodes Scholarships.

Dr. Rolle's research focuses on pediatric neurosurgery, traumatic global neurosurgery, endoscopy for hydrocephalus, and congenital spinal deformities. In 2021, he joined the board of directors at Abiomed, a leading medical device company.

His journey from football to medicine is a remarkable narrative of continuous growth, service, and excellence. From an All-American athlete to Pediatric Neurosurgery Fellow at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital in St. Petersburg, FL, his story inspires countless individuals across the globe. Dr. Rolle’s dedication to improving lives, both on and off the field, underscores a legacy that transcends sports and medicine, exemplifying perseverance, dedication, and a commitment to improving lives. He is honored to be invited to serve as the 2024 Inspirational Keynote Speaker at HA CONNECT.

Dr. Rolle wrote his first book,"The 2% Way" which he discusses how a philosophy of small improvements took him to Oxford, the NFL and Neurosurgery.