New Sessions

We’re excited to provide over 25 new educational sessions at our National Conference!
Check back often as we continue to add more.

New Conference Sessions

Step Inside the Brain: An Interactive Session for Teens

The Third Wheel: Hydrocephalus in Romantic Relationships

Going with the Flow: Hands-on Learning Lab on Fluid Dynamics

Regaining Normalcy After NPH Surgery: Strategies for a Fulfilling Recovery

Hydrocephalus, Headaches, and Seizures

Understanding Your Treatment: Inside the Mind of NPH Doctors

Living with PTSD as a Parent? Us, too.

Navigating Friendships (Teens Only)

How is AI and Imaging Advancing our Understanding of Hydrocephalus

My Shunt is Failing... What Happens Next?

Living with NPH and the OT Perspective

Sessions for Siblings ONLY!

The Drug Development Process

Unleash the Fun: Explore, Discover, and Win Big!

Hydrocephalus and School: Setting Kids Up for Success in the Classroom

Getting Across the Finish Line: Clinical Trials in Humans

The Challenge: Teens vs Neurosurgeons

How Do You Cope with Chronic Pain?

Impact of Hydrocephalus on the Growing Brain

Navigating Life After Shunt Surgery for Idiopathic NPH: Your Roadmap to Recovery

Hope on the Horizon: Two Clinical Trials Happening Now

Living with Uncertainty: Mental Health and Coping Strategies

Rehabilitation Medicine: The Missing Link on Your Medical Team

Workshop Led by Executive Function Coach

Hydrocephalus: Head to Head

Testing a Potential Treatment for Reducing Abnormal Brain Fluid Accumulation

Beyond the Horizon: Innovations in Hydrocephalus Treatment and Management

The Hydrocephalus Association (HA) staff and the National Conference Medical Chairs and Program Committee are vigorously working on putting together an exciting and educational program for the conference packed with many informative sessions. Conference agenda, sessions and speakers are tentative and subject to change.