Welcome to Virtual Brain Camp for Kids!

We can’t be together in person, but that doesn’t mean we still shouldn’t have fun and learn about the brain together! Here at brain camp, we will learn all about hydrocephalus, shunts, the brain, and how it all works. Enjoy learning through videos, activities, books, and special guest speakers. Each of the activities has a link to everything you need in order to do brain camp at home! Have fun and we look forward to being together in 2022!

Kids Camp is offered to all children with or without hydrocephalus between the ages of 3 and 11 years old. The kids spend their time engaging in activities, learning valuable skills and get to attend interactive workshops and off-site events.

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Hands On Activities

  • Challenge Your Brain!

    See how fast you can say the COLOR that each word is written in. This is a great challenge for your brain and a nice brain workout too!
    Print this | Watch Video

  • Brain Puzzle

    Cut out this brain puzzle and see if you can put all the pieces back together!
    Print this | Watch Video

  • Jello Brain Surgery

    Make a Jello brain and watch the video on how you can become a brain surgeon and try it yourself!
    Buy Brain Jello Mold | Watch Video

  • Why do we wash our hands?

    You will need a bowl of water, pepper, and soap for this demonstration
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  • Get Well Cards

    Make a card or two for someone who is in the hospital and drop it off at a hospital near you! I’m sure it will bring a smile to their face!
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  • Conference Wrap Up!

    What questions do you have? What you would like to share? With a parent’s permission, share your question or comment on social media and hashtag #HACONNECT and tag @HydroAssoc
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Books and Videos About Your Brain!

Questions? Please contact conference@hydroassoc.org